Leopard in Kabini

Leopard in Kabini

The quality of images and the expectations depends on the species from a specific location. If you consider this Leopard image which was photographed at Kabini, we took a few sample shots and then we stopped shooting and just enjoyed this scene.

For Kabini standards where you get amazing images of Leopard on the tree, this one is a mediocre image. This has lots of distractions and we are not able to see the complete Leopard….whereas the same one from a different forest where sighting Leopards itself is difficult, it would have been an amazing image.

This is similar to Tiger images….if it’s from Bandhavgarh or Tadoba, the expectations on the quality of image is very high…where as a Tiger image from South India or even Sundarbans is rare and you should not critique those images 

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